Program Overview

Whether you’re a Chef in the making or a Foodie at heart, our Chef and Foodie Series is a great program to sharpen your skills and raise the bar. You’ll learn in a state-of-the-art instructing kitchen with hands-on instruction. Our kitchen has been home to several regionally celebrated and world-renowned chefs including, Chef Tiffany Poe, Callie Farish, Cameron Werry, Lindy Lien, Faith Morgan and Josh Weatherly. We also hosted the National Price Tower Wright Chef Artist in Residence competition.


Intro to Baking and Pastry:

Students learn fundamentals of bread and pastry making, with the emphasis on American products. Included are: baking ingredient properties, function and use of equipment, understanding bakery procedures, recipe conversion, proper storage and sanitation. Students produce home-style products including pies, cookies, quick breads, yeast-leavened goods, cakes and icings. Cake decorating techniques are introduced; however, the emphasis is on the production of quality hand-crafted products.

Dates Days Time Location
TBD Monday 5:00pm – 9:00pm Bartlesville
24 Total Hours | $249 Click here to enroll

Intro to Culinary:

This course will introduce students to the ideas and framework of the culinary arts. During this first class, students become familiar with the principles and expectations of the industry while gaining a firm sense of direction for use in future courses. The course is designed to give students a foundation in the areas of professionalism, kitchen ingredients and staples, and product and tool identification. Students will be instructed in safe food handling practices, proper knife techniques, as well as workplace safety. This course will also cover the subjects of sauces and soups, resulting in student execution of the ”Mother Sauces” as well as clear, hearty and cream soups.

Dates Days Time
TBD Monday 5:00pm – 9:00pm
24 Hours Total | $249 Click here to enroll


Catering and Buffets:

An introduction to on and off-premise catering. Students learn professional techniques used by caterers to create and market services. They develop menus, practice writing proposals and contracts, plan and execute functions. In the kitchen, students prepare typical catered foods such as fruit and vegetable mirrors, canapés, hors-d’oeuvres, tea sandwiches and buffet sweets. Students gain experience as they work with phyllo dough, puff pastry, eclair paste, pie and tart dough, and savory butters and fillings.

Coming Summer/Fall of 2018


Career Opportunities

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Catering Business
  • Independent Business
  • Chef: Sous Chef, Executive Chef, Bakery and Pastry Chef, etc.
  • Food Production Manager


  • Fundamentals
  • Use of Equipment
  • Bakery Procedures
  • Principles of the Industry
  • Professionalism
  • Product and Tool Identification
  • Safe Food Handling
  • Proper Knife Techniques
  • Workplace Safety
  • Develop Menus
  • Food Preparation


Chef and Foodie Series Bundle: This bundle includes all three Chef and Foodie Series classes. Purchase the bundle and get $50 off your third class! 


Lauren Walls, Enrollment Specialist

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