Tri County Tech is committed to serving its employees as well as its students. A defining characteristic of the TCT culture is employee satisfaction. We take great pride in the fact that we have a happy workforce. The full-time employee retention rate has been above 90% for the past five years, and flexibility is a norm.

To view a detailed description of the benefits offered to TCT full-time employees see below:


Sick Leave

One day per work month cumulative to 70 days. After four (4) years of employment, sick leave will be purchased at the time of termination or retirement at the rate of $25 per day up to 70 days.
Sick leave may be taken in full, half day, or hourly increments.

Personal Leave

All full-time employees are allowed three (3) days of personal leave each year.
Personal leave may be taken in full day or half day increments
Personal business as defined by this policy includes, but is not limited to, emergency business court appearances, funerals not covered under the Sick Leave policy, child’s activities, college enrollment. Personal leave may not be utilized for entertainment, recreation, seeking or participating in other employment, or providing a service for compensation.

Bereavement Leave

All full-time employees are allowed three (3) days of bereavement leave each year. An employee may use this leave upon the death of an immediate family member.
Bereavement leave may be taken in full day or half day increments.
Immediate Family for bereavement leave includes: spouse, child, parent, sibling, grandparents, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, grandchildren and corresponding relationships by marriage. Bereavement days are not accumulated.

Professional Leave

May attend professional development activities with approval of Supervisor.
Professional leave increments are based upon the training schedule and supervisor approval.

Annual Leave

12 month employees accrue:

  • 1-5 years = 6.7 hours per month (10 days; 2.5 days per quarter)
  • 6-15 years = 10 hours per month (15 days; 3.75 days per quarter)
  • 16+ years = 13.34 hours per month (20 days; 5 days per quarter)

Buy back at current rate of pay at time of termination of employment up to allowable accumulation.


12 month employees = 18 days
11 month employees = 26 days
10 month employees = 26 days

Number of days may vary year to year.


Medical Insurance

All full-time employees, working a minimum of 20 hours per week, are eligible for coverage under the group medical insurance plan offered by the District. The District will pay the employee’s portion of the medical premium as a fringe benefit each year. When an employee elects dependent coverage (as defined by the plan), the difference between the individual medical premium and the dependent medical premium must be paid by the employee and is payroll deducted.

Employees who are covered by a medical plan other than that offered by the District have the option to receive salary in lieu of the benefit. In order for an employee to choose this option, he or she must provide proof of medical insurance to the Insurance Coordinator. The employee must present a valid identification card with the name of the insurance carrier and the policy number. Valid coverage includes, but is not limited to, a group medical plan, individual medical policy, and Indian Health Services. All employees will be required to update their proof of coverage during each annual open enrollment period in order to be eligible to receive salary in lieu of the benefit.

Employees who work less than a full-year will have benefits prorated, where applicable. This will be discussed with each employee when he or she completes the New Employee Orientation.

Flexible Benefit Plan 125

Medical and life insurance, child care, and out-of-pocket medical expenses may be deducted and paid for with pre-tax dollars.

Long-Term Disability

Tri County Technology Center will pay the premium for long-term disability insurance which will provide the employee with 40% of his/her basic month earnings after 90 consecutive days of disability. The employee may choose a buy-up option that will provide 60% of his/her basic monthly earning.

Life Insurance

Tri County Technology Center will pay 1/3 of the monthly premium for $30,000 worth of term life insurance for the employee. The remaining portion of the monthly premium is the responsibility of the employee. The employee may choose whether or not to participate.

Workers’ Compensation

All employees are covered by Worker’s Compensation insurance. Report any on the job injury or illness to the Human Resources Coordinator immediately. Appropriate forms are available from the Human Resources Coordinator.

Additional Benefits

Teacher Retirement

Teacher Retirement (approximately 7% of your salary) is paid in full by the District.

Short-Term Training

At the discretion of Tri County Technology Center administration, reduced tuition may be available for Tri County employees, board members, spouses, and dependents.

Educational Assistance Plan

Tri County Technology Center will reimburse a portion of the cost of approved job related courses taken at accredited institutions. Educational assistance is available to full-time employees on the payroll at the time of course enrollment. Staff will be reimbursed at the rate of $75 per credit hour up to $675 per year. Participants must meet the minimum requirement of a “B” grade upon completion of the course in order to be reimbursed.

Savings Plan

The Board of Education provides an employer sponsored savings plan to encourage employees to save for the future. The employer match is dependent upon the availability of funds and is at the discretion of the Board. If there is a match the amount will be determined by the Board annually for the ensuing fiscal year.

Employee Assistance Program

Tri County Technology Center provides an assistance program for employees and family members living within the home. The program will provide initial assistance with such things as work stress, parenting challenges, dealing with anxiety and depression, anger control, alcohol/drug abuse and dealing with grief or loss, at no cost to the employee. Your health benefits will often pick up the cost of additional services, should they be needed.

Payroll Deductions/Direct Deposits

Payroll deductions are available for the following:

  • Paychecks
  • United Way Contributions
  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • 403(b) Retirement Plan
  • Variety of Insurance and Credit Union deducts
  • Paydays are the 15th and the last day of the month
  • Child Development Center tuition

You may elect to receive a payroll card instead of direct deposit of your paycheck.

Contact Donna Watson at 918.331.3206 about your own personal direct deposits, etc.

Reduced Childcare

Employees receive 1/2 off tuition from the Child Development Center

NAC/NAEYC National Accreditation
Enrollment based on availability

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