Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)

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Nurse aides work in a wide variety of settings. Nursing homes, hospitals, adult day care centers, personal homes, and assisted living facilities all require CNAs to act as a helpful liaison between the RN or LPN and the patient. In many cases, the nursing assistant serves as the RN’s or LPN’s eyes and ears and relays information between many patients and one or two RNs.

The CNA fulfills basic quality-of-life needs for patients of any age, ethnicity, or gender in residential nursing care facilities or outpatient clinics. Since CNAs have daily contact with patients, they are gatherers of vital information about the patients’ conditions, which they must then transmit to their supervisors. A CNA’s workload can become intense and fast-paced, but the ability to help those in medical need is a strong, motivating factor.

Nursing skills are taught in the nursing laboratory with clinical experiences provided in area nursing homes and hospitals. Students must provide TB skin test results from within the past 12 months and a new OSBI check. Students must also complete the ACCUPLACER test. Registration must be completed in person at the main office. Please call 918.331.3333 with questions.

Nurse Talking To Senior Woman In Hospital Room

Dates Days Time Cost Location
05/14/18 – 06/11/18 M-F 8am-4pm $799 Bartlesville
No Class 5/28/18

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