Introductory Watercolor Art: Floral


Course Description

“Because watercolor actually moves on the paper, it is the most active of all mediums, almost a performance art.” ~ Nita Engle

Introductory watercolor art course; Introduces students to the materials, concepts, and processes in understanding the watercolor medium. Through demonstration, students will learn how to mix colors, use tools in creating textures, design, and the natural flow of color through the water element. These techniques will include salting, pouring, sponging, and using other various materials to demonstrate texture. The students will use primary colors in mixing secondary colors to perform washes onto backdrops as well as learning the ways of layering color to form lighter or darker variations in paintings.

Students will also be introduced to subject placing for proper composition using the rule of thirds and performing sketches on tracing paper. Students will be taught basic drawing from their own photographs and provided photographs. Students will learn about cool colors and warm colors, loose painting, and tight painting. Subject matter will consist of a floral study. This painting requires at least 10 hrs of study with the process of drawing, transferring and painting steps. Through collaborating these essential techniques, students will develop their own original art piece and gain knowledge to use these skills in creating personal works of art from home. A supply list will be given at the time of enrollment.

Dates Days Time Cost Location
05/01/18-05/22/18 T 9-11am $65 Bartlesville