Spoon Carving


Course Description

Carving wooden spoons is a classic easy-to-do hobby, and one of the best ways to introduce beginners to woodcarving. A decent spoon can be carved from block to soup in a single afternoon by even a novice whittler, and that’s what makes it an excellent teaching aid – spoon carving delivers instant feedback and great satisfaction.

Learn from an expert survivalist, Brandon Shofner, the basics of using a carving knife, hatchet, and spoon knife to make your work of art that can be used in the kitchen or at the dinner table. (They make great gifts too!) You will learn wood selection, making a spoon blank, shaping a spoon, and then carving the bowl of the spoon using a special tool called a spoon knife. Begin to master carving skills with your very first spoon. A list of required materials will be emailed upon enrollment.

Dates Days Time Cost Instructor Location
11/28/17-11/30/17 TTh 6:00-9:00pm $39 Brandon Shofner Bartlesville