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Program Overview

EAST is an exciting 21st century learning environment which includes teamwork, collaboration, community projects, and self-directed learning. It’s not a traditional class; the ultimate goal is to solve real problems in the community. Learn by watching YouTube videos, doing tutorials, and using forums – not textbooks or lectures. You choose what you learn. Choices include: digital video recording, effects and editing; computer coding, development, game design, 3D modeling, printing, animation and computer graphics, audio composition and editing, computer-aided drafting and design, webpage design, computer and mobile app development, photo editing, photogrammetry, geographical information systems, and global positioning systems.

Career Opportunities   +

    It is possible for students to personally achieve a significant mastery of a chosen technology and find immediate employment. However, the goal of the EAST program is to provide extensive career exploration, project management skills, and the self-motivation which will assure success in college.

Benefits to Students   +

    Student become Project Managers; the real growth of an EAST student is measured not by their technical expertise but by their ability to:

  • Adapt to a changing world of work
  • Interact with business professionals and community leaders
  • maintain schedules and deadlines
  • Be resourceful
  • Plan, manipulate, implement, change, and execute projects
  • Deliver professional presentations
  • Make a positive impact on their community

Helpful Attributes & Abilities   +

  • Self-motivated
  • Good work ethic with positive attitude
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Ability to work in teams as well as individually
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

Full Time Schedule

08.08.18 Monday – Friday Full Time 960 hours Brandi Peace

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EAST provides all learners the opportunity to have relevant, individualized, lifechanging educational experiences. To learn more about the National EAST Program, click here.



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