Tri County Tech and Schnake Turnbo Frank are partnering to offer an exclusive leadership experience.


There can be a big difference between a boss and an effective leader. Many people have worked under managers that although might have had the knowledge to be in such a position, did not have the skills to lead an organization or department effectively. Leaders are often promoted because they succeed in a specific area or industry. Excelling at the next level, however, requires different skills essential to an organization’s reputation – relationship-building, conflict management, strategic thinking, and media and presentation skills, to name a few.

The STF and Tri County Tech Leadership & Reputation Academy is an intense, eight-part Executive Education course aimed at new and emerging leaders. This world-class experience is limited to 30 participants with select sessions hosted at exclusive venues. The thought-provoking sessions include lectures, group presentations, role-playing, and draw on materials from a variety of respected sources, including the Harvard Business Review, best-selling authors, successful corporate executives and STF’s own time-tested, proprietary content.


Well worth the effort…designed to hone skills critical to organizational leadership in a way that maximizes the limited time available to most executives.

J.D. Strong • Executive Director, Oklahoma Water Resources Board


Not only is the Leadership & Reputation Academy beneficial to participants, but it also brings extraordinary value to participants’ companies and organizations as a whole.

Benefits to Participants

  • Development: You will be exposed to an intense, multi-track development in executive coaching, leadership and reputation management, unavailable anywhere else in Oklahoma.
  • Problem-Solving: Amplify your problem-solving skills for challenges unique to leadership roles using quick thinking and real-life scenarios.
  • Connections: Expand your network of peers facing similar leadership issues and behind the scenes access to industry leaders.


“By far, one of the best professional experiences of my career.”

Heather Griswold • Deputy Chief of Staff, Oklahoma State Superintendent’s Office


Benefits to Companies or Organizations

  • Leadership: Prepares new, emerging and established leaders for their roles in your organization.
  • Talent Development: Sends the message that you value your employees by investing in their professional and leadership development.
  • Value: Fraction of the cost of retaining a firm or sending executives to out-of-state business school and leadership development programs.


Simply put, LRA is one of the best investments a company can make in its existing and future leaders – informative, practical, insightful and transforming.”

Frauke Quiroga • Managing Partner, Luxa Enterprises – Tulsa, OK.



SESSION 1: January 16
Get a preview of the training, meet the instructors and network with others in the class. Dive into your first session focusing on the difference between leadership and management and how to recognize and excel at both.

SESSION 2: January 31
One definition of a core value is something from which you won’t budge – even if it means losing business. What are your organization’s core values? How do you articulate them? This exercise helps you find the answers.

SESSION 3: February 14
During the morning session, learn how to stay grounded and avoid the pitfalls of success. The second session will provide the framework for developing a community outreach plan that ensures when you give, your company will receive.

SESSION 4: February 27
You may be the smartest, hardest working leader in your company. But, in the wrong setting, poor etiquette can set you back. Our experts will help assure you represent your organization with professionalism, sharpness, and grace.

SESSION 5: March 13
During a crisis, people are watching, and the stakes are high. As a leader, you’re entrusted to perform under pressure. A mishandled crisis can cost you, but acting decisively and keeping emotions in check can improve your credibility.

SESSION 6: March 28
One of the greatest downfalls of business communication is that we often try to sound too detailed and too “corporate.” In our zeal to impress, we fail to communicate. Learn how to communicate both in writing and in person with clarity, simplicity, and power.

SESSION 7: April 4
With our nation becoming more diverse, it’s imperative for organizations to understand inclusion in the workplace. Learn how an inclusive environment affects key stakeholders. The afternoon session will discuss how reputations are formed, changed and sometimes damaged because of specific behaviors. We’ll discuss how reputations develop and shift, and how to recognize when danger lies ahead.

SESSION 8: April 23
In this closing session, you’ll learn how to succeed in business but maintain your sanity, health, sense of humor and relationships. We will end the session with a graduation ceremony.

The registration fee of $3,500 per participant covers program content, food and beverage, facilities, books and other materials. After you enroll, you will receive confirmed locations for each of the sessions, additional instructions and a list of all class members two to three weeks before the first session. Select sessions will be hosted at exclusive venues. You will also receive an invoice for your registration.

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