• Fitness Sampler: Kettlebell, Circuit, Tabata, Cardio Kickboxing (Drop-ins welcome!)

    Kettlebell, Circuit, Tabata, OH MY! With so many different fitness styles to choose from, are you left on the sidelines wondering which one is right for you? Sample a four-week course that will give you a taste of kettlebells, circuit training, … Continued

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  • Throwback Dance (Drop-ins welcome!)

    Dance fitness is one of the most fun ways to get your cardiovascular exercise. You will hardly feel like you are working out! This class is primarily a dance-based aerobics class but will have toning aspects incorporated. Music from the … Continued

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  • Yin Yoga (Drop-ins welcome!)

    Course Date: 08/07/2017

    Find your edge, and surrender to a deeper opening through long, quiet holds. Each pose is held for a minimum of two minutes, allowing you to get a greater stretch and explore your inner voice. Drop-ins are welcome for only $5.

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  • Yoga for Beginners (Drop-ins welcome!)

    Course Date: 08/10/2017

    This class is for anyone new to yoga or who has not created a steady yoga practice. This class will help build and improve flexibility, strength, stamina, breathing, and postures. It will be a great way for you to try out … Continued

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  • Zumba (Drop-ins welcome!)

    Forget the workout: just lose yourself in the music, and find yourself in shape at the original dance-fitness party, Zumba! Classes feature exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Before you know it, you’ll be getting fit, and … Continued

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  • Zumba Gold (Drop-ins welcome!)

    Zumba Gold was designed for the active older adult, the true beginner, and people who may be limited physically. Zumba Gold is done at a much lower intensity than Zumba. However, the same great Latin styles of music and dance … Continued

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  • Restorative Yoga (Drop-ins welcome!)

    Course Date: 08/08/2017

    This highly relaxing and rejuvenating class uses long holds in gentle poses to create greater flexibility and release deeply held tension. Props are used to support all postures. Please bring a small throw blanket. Students may also bring a small pillow … Continued

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