Students of the Year | 2019

Today we honored two outstanding individuals who have gone above and beyond during their time at Tri County Tech. Brianna Brown and Garrett Walsh have been award Student of the Year for the class of 2019!

Brianna was the September Adult Student of the Month. She began the practical nursing program because of her love of nursing and helping others. “The patients I work with impact and inspire me. I love the opportunity for growth and advancement in the field,” she said. Her favorite part about the Nursing Program is the amount she has learned and opportunity to be a part of the Tri County Tech community. Congratulations to all the graduates, Brianna and the instructors for all their hard work and dedication this year.

Our High School Student of the Year, Garrett Walsh, won Student of the Month back in April. Garrett knew the field he was wanting to pursue and saw Tri County Tech as a tool to assist him in reaching his career goals. “Medicine & Biosciences is not just a class, but something that will prepare you for your future. I love all the different labs and how the teachers will relate not just the learning, but also the skills gained and how you can use those after the class.” Walsh said. Congratulations to Garrett Walsh, and Ashley and Renee, for all their hard work and dedication this year.

Thank you to all of our Student of the Month winners, instructors, and educators who help these students thrive at Tri County Tech. Tri County Tech offers over 40 diplomas and certificates. Combining hands-on skill development, in a state-of-the-art facility, with exposure to potential employers, Tri County Tech gives students the opportunity to thrive. Develop your craft for high-skilled, well-paid jobs and the fulfilling career you want at Tri County Tech.