Whether you’re a Chef in the making or a Foodie at heart, our Chef and Foodie Series is a great program to sharpen your skills and raise the bar in the kitchen. You’ll learn in a state-of-the-art instructing kitchen with hands-on instruction. Our kitchen has been home to several regionally celebrated and world-renowned chefs including, Chef Tiffany Poe, Callie Farish, Cameron Werry, Lindy Lien, Faith Morgan and Josh Weatherly. We also hosted the National Price Tower Wright Chef Artist in Residence competition.

Catering and Buffets is an introduction to on and off-premise catering. Students will learn professional techniques used by caterers to create and market their services.

This includes:

  • developing menus
  • writing proposals and contracts
  • planning and executing functions

In the kitchen, students prepare traditional catered foods such as:

  • fruit and vegetable mirrors
  • canapes
  • hors-d’oeuvres
  • tea sandwiches
  • buffet sweets

Students gain experience as they work with:

  • phyllo dough
  • puff pastry
  • eclair paste
  • pie and tart dough
  • savory butters
  • fillings

24 hours total with last six hours consisting of planning, preparing and implementing a buffet for paying customers.

Coming Summer/Fall 2018

Chef and Foodie Series Bundle: This bundle includes all three Chef and Foodie Series classes. Purchase the bundle and get $50 off your third class! 

Contact Lauren Walls, Enrollment Specialist, at 918.331.3291 or lauren.walls@tricountytech.edu.

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