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Tri County Tech Institute

Tri County Tech Event Center | Coming 2021 | 9:00 am – 3:00 pm | $1,850

The Tri County Tech Institute will instill confidence and skills to take your leadership to the next level. Learn how to motivate your team, speak and communicate effectively, and solve problems in today’s workplace.

“Each session exceeded my expectations. It’s the best leadership program I’ve been involved in!”

Sara Freeman | Manager, Business Development, Truity Credit Union | Bartlesville, OK


The Tri County Tech Institute is an intense, six-part Executive Education course aimed at new and emerging leaders. This world-class experience is limited to 20 participants. The thought-provoking sessions led by Lindel Fields, Superintendent & CEO, and Tara Gotwalt, Senior Director of Economic Development, will include lectures, group presentations, role-playing, and draw on materials from a variety of respected sources, including the Harvard Business Review, best-selling authors, and Tri County’s own time-tested, proprietary content.

Leadership Retreat Center

Tri County Tech is expanding their footprint to develop a Leadership Retreat Center with the purchase of Jarrett Farm. As Oklahoma’s first career tech center, founded in 1967, Tri County has positioned itself as a leader in organizational excellence earning several distinguished achievements both regionally and nationally.

The retreat center will feature an event space for leadership and team development opportunities, executive education services, a specialty restaurant, and rental units for lease outside of retreats. The development of the property into a full-scale Leadership Retreat Center will also have a substantial positive economic impact on the Bartlesville economy.

The Strategy Center

The Strategy Center is a progressive, professional, smart organization that provides practical, quality services in all business sectors. We do not focus on any certain business sector, rather our services are representative of commerce in general and customized to each individual organization.

We value linked partnerships within the community and create strengthened organizations, allowing businesses to better reach their full potential. We focus on helping businesses thrive, which strengthens the economy and improves the quality of life in not only the local community but Oklahoma as a whole.

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