Emergency Services

Rescue Training Tower

The Tri County Tech Emergency Services Live Fire Training Facility has been designed to afford training opportunities for various public safety disciplines. The facility is comprised of Connex boxes/Shipping containers built by American Fire Training Systems. This Class A steel fire training tower (Live Burn Training Facility) provides the basis for both “live fire” along with smoke conditions for training and skill enhancement for fire personnel and other agencies. The facility is adaptable with “moveable” partitions throughout the multi-story facility so students can be challenged by a myriad of scenarios.

To ensure the maximum effective use of this facility and the surrounding training grounds, this procedure has been developed. Identifying a process during operations as well as numerous safety procedures, these guidelines aim to provide the best possible training with the highest margin of safety.

It is the intent of Tri County Tech to provide a safe and realistic training facility as well as one which will enhance the learning opportunity and skill development of those who use this facility.

Mission Statement

The Tri County Tech Rescue Training Tower Board provides guidance to this regional resource and is dedicated to constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing training demands of the region. This TCT Rescue Tower Training Board is guided by moral and ethical principles in providing the highest level of quality of services, training and professional development, fiscal responsibility, and direct community interaction and involvement.

The Tri County Tech Rescue Tower Training Board members are forever committed to successfully responding to and mitigating the challenges of fire and emergency services by providing excellent service in protecting the community and its visitors in the event of any emergency or disaster.

We will accomplish this through the effective use of current techniques in fire suppression, vehicle extrication, hazardous materials mitigation, emergency medical services, fire prevention, public education, and community risk reduction. We exist to care for, protect, and serve our community and region.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of The Tri County Tech Rescue Tower Training Board to provide the best training opportunities for all-hazards, all-risk, emergency responders within the region and to establish and uphold the highest standard of care in regard to this training resource for citizens, visitors, and stakeholders.

Charter Members

Bryan Anderson
P66 Fire Chief

Cody Meade
Dewey Fire Assistant Chief

Jim Annas
Skiatook Fire Chief

Jerry Monday
Copan Fire Chief

Adam Butterfield
Bartlesville Fire Captain

Bobby Tallchief
Osage Nation Emergency Management Director

Barry Campbell
Bartlesville Fire Captain

Judd Strom
Hulah Fire Department, Oklahoma State Representative District 10

Harold Call
Collinsville Fire Chief

Jess Jellison
Copan Fire Assistant Chief

Tara Gotwalt
Tri County Tech

Rick Ryan
Tri County Tech

MILO Training

The MILO Range training system is a comprehensive solution designed to allow trainers to give presentations and classes, conduct interactive testing and assessment, and provide immersive, hands-on scenario-based exercises with detailed debriefing and after-action reviews. Each MILO system is designed to increase trainee knowledge, skills, and confidence in a safe, challenging environment that is highly interactive and engaging.

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