• Couples Cooking: Breakfast for Dinner

    Course Date: 02/27/2018

    If breakfast is your thing, anytime day or night, this class is just what the doctor ordered.  Learn to make the perfect frittata, whip up some fluffy champagne pancakes and don’t forget the BGG, that’s heaven speak for Bacon, Grits … Continued

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  • Couples Cooking: Easter Dinner

    Course Date: 03/06/2018

    Bring your date and enjoy an evening learning how to put a new spin on traditional Easter dishes! Plum preserves spiked with fresh citrus, ginger, and crushed red pepper update the traditional baked ham. A creamy casserole of scalloped potatoes … Continued

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  • Couples Cooking: Tex Mex

    Course Date: 05/01/2018

    If guacamole, sour cream chicken enchiladas, and homemade Mexican rice are up your alley, then this is the class for you! Grab a friend for this dinner party cooking class and learn original Mexican recipes that have been brought directly … Continued

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  • DIY: Cake Decorating: Rosettes

    Course Date: 05/10/2018

    In this hands-on DIY class, you will learn the basics of how to decorate a buttercream rosette cake! You will learn how to build a 3 layer cake, apply a crumb coat and decorate it with rosette flowers. Each student … Continued

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  • Chef & Foodie-Intro to Culinary

    Intro to Culinary

    Course Date: 04/09/2018

    Whether you’re a Chef in the making or a Foodie at heart, our Intro to Culinary is a great course to sharpen your skills and raise the bar. This course will introduce students to the ideas and framework of the … Continued

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  • Teen Cooking: Stir Fried Rice (Grades 7th-12th)

    Course Date: 03/29/2018

    Dice, chop, mince and create your own favorite stir-fried rice! Let your eyes explore the colors and your mouths experience all different textures and flavors as you customize your own fried-rice recipe.  Enjoy creating egg drop soup and bow ties … Continued

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