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At Tri County Tech, Summer Camp is one of our favorite times of the year. We enjoy hosting students on our campus and helping them explore STEM-related activities, build friendships, and grow their confidence.

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2022 Summer Camp Themes

Art | Grades 3-9

Art Camp provides high-quality enrichment experiences in the visual arts. Classes are taught by artists who design fun, challenging, and educational projects. Campers will create a variety of artworks, including but not limited to weaving, jewelry making, paper mache, drawing, and painting.

Chef | Grades 3-9

Cooking is a universal life skill that offers a unique opportunity to explore math, reading, chemistry, geography, and history. Campers will also focus on art and creativity; presentation and the use of colors can make a dish taste even better. Campers will learn independent cooking skills while focusing on foods from different regions of the world. They will try their hand at main courses, appetizers, and desserts. Come join the fun!

Engineering | Grades 3-9

Designed for first-time** Engineering campers! Students will work in teams to design and build catapults, mousetrap cars, bridges, and gliders and experiment with design software applications and 3D printing. All this while exploring general engineering fields. **This is a repeat of previous camps.

Fab Lab | Grades 3-9

Join the ranks of the “maker movement” and test your design skills in this camp. Campers will work like expert engineers and innovative inventors as they learn concepts and software to design an item and manufacture it in our creative center. Students will learn about 3D printing, laser engraving, electrical circuits, etc.

Forensics | Grades 3-9

Forensics meets fun as amateur crime scene detectives uncover clues, analyze evidence, and crack codes to solve a murder mystery. Students get hands-on experience with a variety of forensic science techniques. On the last day, students are presented with a mock crime scene and must use their newly acquired forensic skills to solve the case.

Robotics | Grades 3-9

Students will be given a challenge at the beginning of the week. They will have the week to design, build, and test a robot made out of VEX materials. Students will work in small groups to brainstorm. They will then design and build a prototype through preliminary testing. Finally, they will build and program a working robot to complete the challenge.

Technology | Grades 3-9

Choose from various technology programs for a hands-on experience that allows for imagination, exploration, and fun! Campers will learn to code, edit photos, create simple apps, video games, or a website, fly drones, or design and 3D print.

Video Making | Grades 7-9

Creativity, technology, and design converge in this exciting hands-on program! Campers bring their digital media skills to the next level as they explore their passion for the arts. Through the exploration of videography, visual storytelling, and photography, campers grow both in front of and behind the camera as they collaborate with their team to create short-form multimedia projects.

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