Student of the Month | December 2019

High School Student of the Month

Tri County Tech Names Kiwanis Club December High School Student of the Month

Tri County Tech student Savannah Hagar was recently named the Downtown Kiwanis Club’s Student of the Month for December. Hagar, a Bartlesville High School student, is currently enrolled in the two-year cosmetology program.

“I have always been interested in hair and makeup,” said Hagar, “Tri County was the perfect opportunity to learn how to do it professionally.” Hagar attends the afternoon cosmetology class where she perfects her craft both in theory and practice. The program doubles as a full salon offering students real-world experience with real world clientele. Hagar is also the treasurer in the program, she helps keep officer meetings in order and works to organize program parties.

Beyond the walls of Tri County, Hagar is heavily involved at her high school. She holds office in Student Council, is involved in National Honor Society, as well as being voted in for senior homecoming court. Through these positions, Hagar has been able to volunteer in the community. She has participated in events such as Miles for Mammograms, Day of Hope, and volunteers at local elementary schools. Outside of academia and community service, Hagar spends her time hanging out with friends, playing with her dog, and attending church.

After Hagar graduates from Tri County Tech she plans on continuing her education at Oklahoma State University. “Once I get my cosmetology license I hope to get a job in the industry,” Hagar explained, “It will help me pay for college.” Hagar plans on majoring in architecture. “Savannah is an educator’s ideal student. She is prompt, prepared, engaged, skilled, kind, and a team player” stated Melanie Walker, Hagar’s program instructor. “I have never seen her stray from professionalism, academics, or engagement.”

Adult Student of the Month

Tri County Tech Names Kiwanis Club December Adult Student of the Month

Tri County Tech student Ann Bue was recently named the Downtown Kiwanis Club’s Student of the Month for December. Bue, an adult student, is currently enrolled in the cosmetology program.

Having always been fascinated by hair, Bue has found a passion in cosmetology. She is able to explore this passion further with the help of Tri County Tech’s cosmetology program. “My favorite part about the program would have to be the esthetician work,” said Bue. Learning new techniques and styles keeps the program fresh and rewarding. She also loves the comradery among the students. “Her peers love having Ann around,” said Melanie Walker, the cosmetology instructor, “She is the most eager to learn and hardest working student I have had.”

Bue has a bachelor’s degree in human resource management and had a successful career in that field. She now looks ahead to a new profession, “You never get too old to learn,” Bue explains, “the thing about going into a second profession is you get another opportunity to chase dreams and fulfill passions.” Bue plans on working three or four days a week in a salon and spending quality time with her family.

Outside of cosmetology Bue enjoys playing the piano, bowling, and being active in church. “I began playing piano for my church when I was nineteen and was the church pianist through my fifties.” On top of being the church pianist, Bue also volunteers at the church information desk and bowls in multiple leagues. “I bowl for the Bowl for Kids Sake Campaign,” said Bue. Participating in events she loves that benefits others is a win-win and leaves her with a shining smile.

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