• Couples Cooking: Chinese

    Course Date: 01/25/2018

    Tired of getting Chinese take out? Try making it at home with these easy-to-assemble recipes. Not over-sauced or oversweet, you’ll be able to taste the vegetables and proteins. Try these easy, delicious meals for busy weeknights. Start it off with … Continued

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  • Couples Cooking: Tex Mex

    Course Date: 05/01/2018

    If guacamole, sour cream chicken enchiladas, and homemade Mexican rice are up your alley, then this is the class for you! Grab a friend for this dinner party cooking class and learn original Mexican recipes that have been brought directly … Continued

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  • Couples Cooking: Italian Night

    Course Date: 02/06/2018

    We are going to tour Italy and its mouth-watering delights in this ultra-popular couples cooking class. We will focus on making classic sauces such as marinara, Alfredo, and piccata. You’ll be amazed at how easy it really is! We will … Continued

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