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Start your career today at Tri County Tech! We are a high-performance organization that strives to hire the best and the brightest talent. The ultimate goal is to find the perfect candidate not only for the position itself but also for that special someone who will meld naturally within the our culture. Tri County Tech’s culture can be summed up in four words: “The Tri County Way: who we are, what we do, and how we do it.”

Available Employment

“Tri County Tech is a high-performance organization that strives to hire the best and the brightest talent. The ultimate goal is to find the perfect candidate not only for the position itself but also for that special someone who will meld naturally within the TCT culture.” – Tara Stevens, Director of Human Resources

“Who we are” is our Core Values – the grounding force of our organization:

  • Student Focused
  • Investing in the Community
  • Leadership by All
  • Great Place to Work

These beliefs ensure that our team of educators is focused on the things that will provide quality education and training to our students and business clients.

Tri County Tech: Where Work Has Special Meaning

At Tri County Tech, work is more than just a “job.” In fact, 97% of our employees feel their work has special meaning, that this is not “just a job.” The Superintendent/CEO helps define our greatest purpose with the motto, “if you’re not helping a student, help someone who is.” Indeed, the students are the reason why our educators do what they do, and our students’ successes are why we love what we do!

More to Life than Work

TCT is a great organization that genuinely cares about each and every educator’s well-being. Rather than demand educators produce more at the expense of their health and personal lives, Tri County Tech strives to ensure that educators have the optimal work-life balance. All overtime is kept to a minimum, as educators are encouraged to pursue happy, healthy, and meaningful lives outside of their jobs. Flexibility is also a key piece of that balance for many educators. Educators can rest assured that they may always feel comfortable asking for time off if their attention is needed at home or with family at specific events. It is common practice for educators to be allowed time during the workday to attend their children’s functions such as class parties or sporting events. Indeed, 97% of educators feel that people are encouraged to balance their work-life and their personal life at TCT.

Embracing the Family

Work-life balance may imply the two are separate entities, but in reality, most of us are not living two separate lives that require a teeter-totter balancing act. Rather, work and “life” should complement one another. As such, TCT embraces a culture of “family first,” hosting numerous events throughout the year that center around the educator’s family. Whether it’s a Halloween walk with their children, dinner and a ball game with the family, a day at the zoo, or a trip to the Air and Space Museum, the Tri County Tech family extends to the educator’s family as well. One educator says, “…administration has always encouraged us to put our families first. I have heard this many times, ‘Family First!’ This shows how committed they are to their staff and I appreciate it very much. It says a lot about how much they truly care about their employees.”

It’s the Small Things…

In addition to flexible schedules, a family-oriented culture, and a state-of-the-art fitness center, TCT employees have access to onsite dry cleaning pick up and drop off, an onsite cafeteria (the Osage Market) that offers daily specials, a grill, a salad bar, and two soda machines (with crushed ice!), onsite cosmetology services like haircuts, manicures/pedicures, and waxing, and auto service. Being able to eat a healthy meal on campus if you were unable to pack your lunch, grab a haircut over your break, or drop off your car for an oil change are all unique services offered to the TCT Educator.

Best Childcare in the City

If you are a working parent, TCT provides one of the greatest benefits there is childcare at our three-star, NAC and NAEYC-accredited Child Development Center (CDC). Not only voted by the population of Bartlesville, OK as the best in the city, educators also receive the care at half the price. This equates to a savings of about $3,000 per year. Educators also have access to their children for nursing or visitation during the workday. On days when the local schools are closed or out due to teacher meetings, educators can bring their children to the CDC for the day. The CDC also provides a summer camp for school-age children through the summer months.

Parental Leave Policy

Tri County Tech is committed to supporting the work-life balance for new parents. The purpose of 6 weeks of paid parental leave is to enable the employee to care for and bond with a newborn or a newly adopted child. This policy will run concurrently with Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave, as applicable, and applies to births or adoptions.

Time Off

Undoubtedly, part of achieving an optimal balance of working and living hinges on having time off to rest, recuperate and tend to personal matters. TCT’s generous leave program for new 12 month employees includes 12 sick paid days, 10 paid vacation days, three paid bereavement days, and approximately 24 paid holidays, including two weeks over the Christmas holiday and one week at Spring Break. As tenure with the organization progresses so does the vacation time. 12-month employees accrue 10 days of vacation in years one through five, 15 days of vacation in years six through 15, and 20 days of vacation in years 16+.  In addition, employees are paid for inclement weather days (days that the school closes due to snow or other inclement weather). Who doesn’t love a snow day?!

Psychologically and Emotionally Healthy Place to Work

TCT is committed to creating a systemic culture that values diversity and inclusion. A diverse, inclusive environment is an integral component of creating learning communities and environments where people feel safe, respected, valued, and empowered to reach their full potential. 98% of TCT employees feel they can be themselves while at work, and 94% believe TCT is a psychologically and emotionally healthy place to work.

Committed to Excellence & Educators

Tri County Tech, one of 29 public technology centers in the Oklahoma Career and Technical Education System, serves the residents of three counties and has a vision of inspiring success through life-changing learning experiences. With a goal that no student should be denied an education due to inability to pay, TCT provides scholarships and funding for student expenses such as medication, gasoline, clothing, and food. TCT has sustained top 25% nationally rankings for student completion/retention and placement for eight fiscal years. The institution also increased graduate wages to well above the national average while growing its own revenues 34 percent since 2009–without federal funding and despite a sizable reduction in state funding.

This past November, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross named Tri County Tech as one of five recipients of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Celebrating its 31st anniversary this year, the Baldrige Award is a Presidential-level honor, recognizing exemplary practices among American organizations and businesses including an unceasing drive for radical innovation, thoughtful leadership, and organizational improvement. Last year Tri County Tech earned recognition as a Baldrige Best Practice Organization for Leadership and Workforce Outcomes. For Tri County Tech, using the Baldrige Framework for Performance Excellence is about challenging themselves to live up to their potential as an organization. Learn More about the Baldrige Award.

Tri County Tech’s forward-thinking focus, not only on customers but also their workforce has created a high-performing, grace-filled culture of excellence. Tri County Tech added another year of being a Great Place to Work® to its locker of accolades after being named to Fortune magazine’s top-50 best small/medium workplace in the nation for four straight years.

Tri County Tech is committed to continuous improvement for its communities, students, parents, workforce and stakeholders. To learn more about our commitment to our students and educators, please visit our Awards Page.

Certified Healthy Oklahoma Business

Tri County Tech has been a Certified Health Business for two years in a row (2015, 2016). The Certified Healthy Oklahoma Program is a free, voluntary statewide certification. The certification showcases businesses, campuses, communities, congregations, early childhood programs, restaurants, and schools that are committed to supporting healthy choices through environmental and policy change. These entities working to improve the health of Oklahomans by implementing elements, policies, and programs that will help Oklahomans to eat better, move more and be tobacco-free.

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