Tri County Tech Foundation

Extending the Reach of Tri County Tech

The Tri County Tech Foundation assists in-need and qualifying students in three critical areas: Tuition Assistance, Emergency Aid, and Food Assistance.

Our mission is to ensure no student is denied an education due to the lack of funds.

Our scholarships help people like Katie, who recently graduated from our eleven-month practical nursing program. She came to us as a single mom with three kids and a $13,000 debt from a private technical college that landed her an $8.50 an hour pharmacy tech job. “I came from poverty and was stuck in poverty,” she shared with us, “I lived in a broken-down trailer park full of druggies and never thought I could escape.” As a Licensed Practical Nurse and Foundation recipient, Katie graduated without tuition debt and makes $48,000 a year.

“I have a refrigerator full of groceries that I paid for without government assistance. Plus, I just bought a home that does not have wheels!”

Katie | Foundation Recipient

The Foundation also provides students with emergency aid and food assistance when unforeseen financial emergencies compromise attendance and program completion. For example, if our students are hungry, cannot afford fuel for their car, or concentrate because they have a toothache, these everyday life barriers can potentially derail their ability to graduate. We have assisted students with groceries, fuel, dental work, and eyeglasses through our emergency assistance program.

Most of the Tri County Tech Foundation recipients are individuals with no other form of financial assistance.

Tri County Tech educators believe wholeheartedly in the life-changing opportunities they provide – so much that every full-time employee donates to the Foundation. Tri County Tech has the right programs and educators to provide life-changing learning opportunities to more students like Katie in our communities.

The Lives YOU Change

The Foundation makes life-changing learning experiences as affordable as possible and provides critical support services to remove barriers to success. By providing tuition, nutrition, utility, and transportation assistance, students can learn, grow and thrive to reach their full potential.

Seth’s journey at TCT began with mentorship and scholarship.

“Tri County Tech and the Foundation has immensely changed my life. I drove an hour and twenty minutes one way to go to class for almost two years, and the Foundation helped with my expenses. Tri County Tech is a happy place to be; it is a family.”

Seth Day | Tri County Tech Culinary Graduate & Current Employee

Have Questions?

We want to hear from you! For more information about how you can change the lives of others, give Champagne Kane, with the Tri County Tech Foundation, a call at 918.331.3214 or email at

The Tri County Tech Endowment Fund Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, Tax I.D. #73-1192143.
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