Chad Cargill ACT Prep Workshop


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About ACT Prep

Do you need a few extra points on your ACT to win certain scholarships? Or maybe you are a few points away from qualifying to get into college? Then join us for the ACT Test Prep Workshop! Over 120,000 high school students have attended the ACT Test Prep Workshop! All students are eligible to attend. We will excuse students from our partner schools on the day of the workshop.

Dates Days Time Location
10.10.23 Tuesday 8:30am – 11:00am Tri County Tech Cherokee Room

Packed full of relevant, practical information on how to increase your ACT score:

  • Shows you how the ACT is beatable
  • Each test will ask you the same questions, just worded differently
  • English – Learn what the test-makers are looking for & the relevant rules needed
  • Math – Learn formulas & rules you need to answer virtually every question.

The workshop covers what will be on the test and how to master the techniques; this is not a practice test. It covers general ideas about the ACT as a whole and the individual sections of Chad Cargill, founder, and president of Cargill Consulting®, who developed this workshop after taking the ACT 18 times and increasing his score from 19 to 32. He attended Oklahoma State and graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering.