Tri County Tech Foundation Receives Diamond Legacy Scholarship Endowment

Endowment Named for Tri County Tech Trailblazer

The Tri County Tech Foundation announces a Diamond Legacy Scholarship endowment from one Tri County Tech alumnus, Mr. Bill Lair, named in memory of his electronics instructor Mr. D. Dwight Snider.

Mr. Bill Lair was enrolled in Tri County Tech’s Electronics program from 1969-1971 while attending Lenapah High School. Bill has many good memories of his former instructor. “Mr. Snider was an honest & humble man with a caring attitude while teaching. He would go out of his way to help, and he was a positive influence on my life. He would encourage the class and frequently would start the day with what we now call a “Dad Joke.” Bill goes on to say, “I learned a lot from him that helped me in my career. After graduation, I continued my education at Oklahoma State University and completed my degree in Electronics Technology. Mr. Snider even put in a good word for me,” says Bill. “My TCT training was a big help. I started my career as a software developer for a small startup company and later advanced to network engineer and security manager, but my electronics background always helped me excel. Besides actively volunteering in my community, one of my hobbies now is repairing and restoring antique vacuum tube radios. I still use many of the tools and techniques I learned in Mr. Snider’s classes.” says Bill. “I dedicate this donation in memory of Mr. D. Dwight Snider.”

D. Dwight Snider was one of the original trailblazers of Tri County Tech. In fact, he taught classes in the basement of First Baptist Church before the classrooms were finished on Nowata Road. He and others who pioneered Tri County Tech in Bartlesville, OK, did a great thing for Washington, Osage, and Nowata Counties. Mr. Snider was named Region IV American Vocational Association Trade & Industrial Educator of the Year twice. The establishment of the D. Dwight Snider Memorial Scholarship will celebrate his life and love of TCT and guarantees that future generations will hear Mr. Snider’s story and be inspired by his passion.

Mr. Snider’s son, Mick, is humbled by this honor in memory of his dad. Mick explained, “My dad’s salary was not commensurate with his experience, education, and amount of time spent doing the job. But, he felt a call into teaching and enjoyed doing it. He felt he was making a difference in the individual student and the world.”

Endowed funds are never reduced, and scholarships are granted to qualifying students from the interest earnings. This investment will provide a perpetual stream of funding to ensure no student is denied an education due to the lack of funds. For more information about how you can change the lives of others through a legacy fund, visit:

About The Tri County Tech Foundation: The Tri County Tech Foundation was established in 1969 to support students at Tri County Tech. Tri County Tech is Oklahoma’s first CareerTech district with a steadfast spirit for innovation and improvement – driving economic development. Tri County Tech has locations in Bartlesville, Pawhuska, and Nowata, Oklahoma. Foundation assistance is available to qualifying students in three critical areas: Tuition Assistance, Emergency Aid, and Food Assistance.