New Training to Area Law Enforcement

Bartlesville Police Department and Tri County Tech Bring Use-of-Force Simulation Training to Area Law Enforcement

In today’s politically charged climate, police use-of-force training must go beyond increasing reflexes, enhancing muscle memory, and keeping skills sharp. Law enforcement officers need to hone a broad set of decision-making tools. Training must provide police officers with the skills to make the most effective choice for the situation. It should be comprehensive enough to include responses to verbal cues by the officer, threat assessment, and a variety of other skills.

Bartlesville Police Department (BPD) Chief Tracy D. Roles announced that the BPD would start using the MILO use-of-force and firearms training simulators to address this training need. The most demanding law enforcement, military, and public safety agencies have chosen the MILO Range Training System and is in use in over 40 countries.

“Police officers will be able to train more efficiently for high-stress situations they might encounter in the field, using a new training simulator that has officers making split-second decisions in lifelike scenarios. The MILO system will allow for a higher level of training for police officers. This type of training is critical when it comes to use-of-force decision making. Having this type of realistic, interactive training will reduce injury and save lives.”

Chief Tracy D. Roles | Bartlesville Police Department

The MILO Range training system is a comprehensive solution designed to allow trainers to give presentations and classes, conduct interactive testing and assessment, and provide immersive, hands-on scenario-based exercises with detailed debriefing and after-action review. Each MILO system is designed to increase trainee knowledge, skills, and confidence in a safe, challenging environment that is highly interactive and engaging.

“I am very excited that Bartlesville Police Officers and officers from surrounding departments will have the opportunity for such a high level of real-life critical training. This type of training is a MUST for all officers. We owe it to the communities we serve to provide the best training possible for our officers. MILO training will go far in reducing use-of-force situations as well as deadly force situations.”

Chief Tracy D. Roles | Bartlesville Police Department

Tri County Tech helped bring this training to the Bartlesville and surrounding communities through a lottery grant provided by the State Department of CareerTech. “We seize opportunities to partner with agencies like the Bartlesville Police Department,” said Senior Director of Economic Development Tara Gotwalt and writer of the lottery grant. “We’re thrilled to help bring the MILO system to area law enforcement. It will increase safety for our police officers and citizens.” Tri County Tech added this training to their growing police and fire training services.

“Acquiring the MILO system is yet another wonderful undertaking by Tri County Tech that shows their true commitment to our communities. I am very thankful for the excellent partnership between Tri County Tech and the Bartlesville Police Department.”

Chief Tracy D. Roles | Bartlesville Police Department

After undergoing training on the simulator, BPD will begin using it next year for the Police Department’s upcoming recruit class. It will also be mandatory quarterly training for current police officers. MILO training will go hand and hand with other arrest control and defensive tactics type training. Chief Roles said officers could use the simulator to practice their marksmanship skills under conditions simulating the firing range before their annual recall training.