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Tri County Tech Launches Rave App

Rave Panic Safety App Release

Bartlesville, Oklahoma – As part of its proactive approach to helping protect students, customers, faculty, and staff, Tri County Tech announced that they have deployed the Rave Panic Button mobile safety app to all employees this month. Tri County Tech will be the first in Washington County to utilize this technology.

“Tri County Tech prioritizes the safety of our students, educators, workforce development clients, and economic development customers,” said Dr. Tammie Strobel, Tri County Tech’s superintendent and CEO. “One-push activation of any emergency initiates fast response and real-time collaboration with 9-1-1 and educators. Keeping the avenues for communication flowing during an emergency is my most critical concern. Investing in the Rave Panic Button App will create a safer environment for our campus and community.”

Upon pressing any of the five emergency buttons, a preset notification is sent to all necessary on-site staff and safety personnel. That same notification is received by 9-1-1, plus additional details about the location of the incident, facility data, and more. Two-way communication is made possible from 9-1-1 as information is gathered, such as live-streaming video and status checks of those involved.

“We’ve emphasized the safety of our entire campus this year,” said Tara Gotwalt, chief instructional officer for Tri County Tech. “Adding the Rave App to our safety protocols allows teachers, staff, and administrators to request immediate assistance in a medical emergency, fire, active assailant, or other crisis.”

Gotwalt has also led Tri County Tech’s safety committee, collaborating on several safety initiatives with the Bartlesville Police Department, including a staff-wide active shooter training. Deputy Chief Kevin Ickleberry and Captain Warren Morrow have worked with Tri County Tech to refine and set up the Rave Panic Button App. Summoning police assistance quickly and helping on-site personnel be informed and engaged throughout an emergency can make all the difference when seconds count.

*Pictured from L to R: Captain Warren Morrow and Tara Gotwalt.

Last update March 29, 2023

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