Bartlesville Staycation Ideas!

You don’t have to travel far to find fun things to do this summer. But first things first, let’s get intentional about vacationing at home. You’ll need to set some ground rules to optimize your staycation time, here are some examples:

  1. No smartphone
  2. No email
  3. No computer or video games
  4. No television
  5. No working from home
  6. No laundry

The idea behind setting rules is to keep the family focused on each other rather than the things on their to-do lists or other distractions like the internet. Take some time and plan a little before you get started, plan your meals, your events, and get the house chores done, so that you and the family can treat your staycation like a real vacation.

Visit a Local Attraction

From Woolaroc and Osage Hills to The Mercantile and Wheels & Thrills, there is plenty of fun to have in just a short drive.

  • If you want a little more of a ‘close-to-home’ experience, Woolaroc Wildlife Preserve. It’s a great day trip for you and the family to get away and experience over 30 types of native and exotic animals, only 30 minutes away from Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
  • The Pioneer Woman Mercantile is a destination restaurant, bakery and store in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Ree and Ladd Drummond spent years renovating the hundred-year-old Osage Mercantile building on Main Street so that they could welcome visitors from near and far and give them a slice of small-town hospitality. “The Merc” has gorgeous goods, comfort foods, fresh-made pastries, delicious coffee, and plenty of fun to dish out. 
  • Located just west of Bartlesville in the heart of the Osage Nation in northeast Oklahoma, Osage Hills State Park is a prime example of Oklahoma’s natural beauty.  With lush forests, rocky bluffs and serene waters, the park boasts 1,100 acres of scenery. A visit to Osage Hills State Park in the fall will inspire visitors, as the foliage transforms from green to vivid shades of yellow, orange and red.
  • Located in Owasso, Wheels & Thrills is a brand-new family entertainment center offering the latest in indoor skating, laser tag, arcades, an exciting play zone for the kids, and so much more.

Backyard Campout

Some of our favorite memories is camping out in the backyard. We would go all out, take the tent, build a fire, tell campfire stories, and occasionally go back inside, but they are some great memories. You can also change up the pace by doing an indoor campground in the family room or den, this gives your family a chance to be creative and build their own tent out of pillows and blankets. Either way, you are sure to have a great time!

DIY Film Festival

Popcorn? Check. Drinks? Check. Pillows, blankets, and couches? Check. Now all you need to do is pick a theme! You can go foreign, trying out films in other languages, you can watch a list of your favorite Disney movies, or you can find the B-list movies on Netflix and give them a try. From there it is pretty simple, binge watch them for a weekend and have a family discussion and rate each film, see which one everyone liked the best and at the end, watch it once more!

Dinner and a Movie

There are a ton of great movies coming out over the next few weeks, like: A Wrinkle in Time, Sherlock Gnomes, and Tomb Raider. You take your pick. From there it’s just choosing a restaurant and a theater.

Visit the Zoo or Aquarium

Ready for a unique animal experience for you and your family? Oklahoma offers plenty of ways to get in touch with nature through various animal attractions.

  • Oklahoma Aquarium, located in Jenks has the largest indoor ocean in the 4-state area, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. The ‘coolest’ attraction being their water tunnel where you can watch various shark species swim around you.
  • The Tulsa Zoo is an 85-acre non-profit zoo located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States. Since 1997, the Tulsa Zoo has supported more than 360 conservation projects dedicated to saving wild animals and wild places. The zoo is located in Mohawk Park, one of the largest municipal parks in the United States.

Check out The Library

Did you know the Bartlesville Public Library has a virtual library where you can view movies and listen to Audiobooks? The digital age is expanding and it’s good to see our local public services are as well. Keep your kids learning and having fun, while enjoying some quiet time at the local public library for a nice afternoon trip. Make a day of it and plan a picnic in a local park or restaurant after. Get involved with local readings and events for kids and adults here.

Take a Playground Tour

Bartlesville has some great playgrounds and parks right here in the city, and don’t forget the Pathfinder Parkway!

  • Feed the ducks at Clyde Lake here is a list of food safe for ducks:
    • Corn (canned, frozen or fresh)
    • Duck pellets (sold online and at pet stores)
    • Lettuce, other greens (torn into small pieces)
    • Frozen peas (defrosted)
    • Oats (rolled or instant)
    • Seeds (including birdseed or other varieties)
  • Visit the new Playground at Price Fields then head over to Sooner Park or Johnstone Park, you can even take the Pathfinder Parkway.