BCF Grant Aids Tri County Tech’s New Modular FLEX Program

BCF Fund for TCT

Tri County Tech Foundation Receives $2,400 Grant from Bartlesville Community Foundation’s Fund for Bartlesville

Tri County Tech Foundation is excited to announce the award of a $2,400 grant from the Bartlesville Community Foundation’s Fund for Bartlesville as part of the Spring 2024 Grant Cycle. This grant will directly support Tri County Tech’s new Modular FLEX Programming initiative to expand educational opportunities to adults in high-demand sectors.

The Modular FLEX Programming, in alignment with Tri County Tech Foundation’s core mission, provides students with specialized expertise and hands-on experience. We aim to ensure that all individuals, regardless of financial circumstances, have access to quality education and the chance to thrive in their chosen fields. The program offers four distinct modules in Welding, Construction, Machining, and Accounting, priced at $749 per module. Recognizing the financial barriers that many students face, the program is structured to be accessible and affordable, with eligible students qualifying for 20% foundation assistance. Notably, 90% of those who apply qualify for foundation assistance, highlighting the critical need for such support in our community.

The grant will cover the cost of sixteen individual students’ modules or support four students through all four modules of a program. This support will enable students to pursue their educational goals and secure gainful employment, significantly contributing to Bartlesville’s thriving workforce.

“We are immensely grateful to the Bartlesville Community Foundation for their commitment to our community’s educational and economic growth,” said Champagne Kane, Foundation Coordinator at Tri County Tech. “This grant will help us break down barriers to education and open doors to promising career opportunities for our students.”

Champagne Kane, Foundation Specialist

By investing in the Modular FLEX Programming, the Fund for Bartlesville is positively impacting students’ lives and the economic vitality of our community. We look forward to the difference this initiative will make in the lives of many and the future workforce of Bartlesville.

For more information about the Modular FLEX Programming contact our Student Services Department at EnrichingLives@TriCountyTech.edu. To support the Tri County Tech Foundation, please visit the Tri County Tech Foundation page or contact Foundation@TriCountyTech.edu

About Tri County Tech Foundation:
Tri County Tech Foundation is dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities and providing essential support to students in need, empowering them to achieve their full potential and contribute to their communities. Our mission is to ensure that no student is denied an education due to the lack of funds.

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