Tri County Tech Foundation Receives Sapphire Legacy Scholarship Endowment

Tri County Tech Foundation Sapphire Legacy Scholarship Established by Dr. Tammie Strobel and Brad Strobel

The Tri County Tech Foundation is thrilled to announce the establishment of a Sapphire Legacy Scholarship named for Tri County Tech Superintendent & CEO, Dr. Tammie Strobel and her husband, Brad Strobel. With an illustrious career spanning over three decades as an educator and school administrator, Dr. Strobel has made an indelible mark on the field of education. For the past twenty years, she has dedicated her gifts and talents to Tri County Tech, elevating it to one of the premier places to work in the United States. As the organization’s quality journey leader, Dr. Strobel takes pride in being the sixth Superintendent and CEO.

Regardless of her role, Tammie strives to create extraordinary outcomes for students and educators. Describing herself as an “edu-CARE-er,” she exemplifies a deep commitment to the success of individuals within and beyond the school walls. Her servant leadership is rooted in the belief that we are responsible for giving back what God has given us.

“”We are profoundly grateful for Dr. Tammie and Brad Strobel’s commitment to education and their generous establishment of an endowment. Their dedication to advancing learning opportunities will have a lasting impact on students, reflecting the true spirit of giving that defines our community at Tri County Tech and the Tri County Tech Foundation.”

Kim Smith | Chief Administrative Officer & Foundation Executive Director

The Sapphire Legacy Scholarship stands as a testament to the Strobels’ dedication to fostering educational excellence. The scholarship, established through their generous endowment, will allow deserving students the ability to pursue their educational aspirations. This initiative embodies the values of Tri County Tech, which continually strives to empower students and educators.

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About The Tri County Tech Foundation: The Tri County Tech Foundation was established in 1969 to support students at Tri County Tech. Tri County Tech is Oklahoma’s first CareerTech district with a steadfast spirit for innovation and improvement – driving economic development. Tri County Tech has locations in Bartlesville, Pawhuska, and Nowata, Oklahoma. Foundation assistance is available to qualifying students in three critical areas: Tuition Assistance, Emergency Aid, and Food Assistance.