Walmart SparkGood Grant Boosts Tri County Tech Foundation’s Tuition Assistance Program

$1,000 Donation Helps Break Down Financial Barriers for Students

The Tri County Tech Foundation is excited to announce that they recently received a $1,000 grant from Walmart for their Tuition Assistance Program, providing students with the resources to enhance their existing skills or pursue a new technical skill at Tri County Tech.

The Walmart SparkGood Grant exemplifies Walmart’s commitment to investing in local communities and fostering educational opportunities. Together, Walmart and the Tri County Tech Foundation empower individuals to achieve their full potential and contribute to the growth and prosperity of our community.

“We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Walmart SparkGood Grant Team for their invaluable support. Their generosity directly impacts the lives of students, enabling them to access quality education and develop the skills necessary for success in today’s workforce.”

Champagne Kane, Foundation Specialist

The Tuition Assistance Program plays a pivotal role in breaking down financial barriers for students, ensuring that no one is denied an education due to the lack of funds.

This grant reinforces the importance of collaboration between businesses and local organizations in creating positive change within our community. For more information about the Tri County Tech Foundation and the Tuition Assistance Program, please visit the Tri County Tech Foundation page.

About The Tri County Tech Foundation: The Tri County Tech Foundation was established in 1969 to support students at Tri County Tech. Tri County Tech is Oklahoma’s first CareerTech district with a steadfast spirit for innovation and improvement – driving economic development. Tri County Tech has locations in Bartlesville, Pawhuska, and Nowata, Oklahoma. Foundation assistance is available to qualifying students in three critical areas: Tuition Assistance, Emergency Aid, and Food Assistance.