Tri County Tech Announces New Nursing Bridge Program

CNA to LPN Transition Program for High School Students

Tri County Tech is excited to share their approval as the 7th institution in Oklahoma to offer a Nursing Bridge program. This new step in the nursing pathway allows students to seamlessly transition from the Nursing Assistant program to the Practical Nursing program and become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) only seven months after graduating high school. These students can enter the healthcare field one year sooner than traditional Practical Nursing students while saving thousands of dollars on their education.

The Nursing Assistant program is one of Tri County Tech’s most popular high school programs. On average, 80 high school students apply annually for the available 48 seats. Through the new program, Tri County Tech will be able to admit 16 qualifying senior students to the Nursing Bridge program who successfully completed the Nursing Assistant program as juniors and meet the new program requirements. The community impact will be significant as there would be, on average, 16 additional Practical Nursing graduates to enter the workforce each year.

“After graduating from the Nursing Assistant program, I went on to the Practical Nursing program. From the clinical programs to simulation labs to discussions, you learn everything you need to know to grow as a future nurse and person. Programs like Tri County Tech will leave a lasting impact on you as a person, and as a future employee.”

Gracie P, Tri County Tech Graduate

Students will engage in hands-on experience through classroom, lab, simulation, and clinical experiences in long-term care and the acute care hospital setting. Upon completing the Nursing Bridge program, students will have rotated through over 600 hours of clinical experience. The new program will kick off in August 2024.

“We are so excited to provide high school juniors a pathway into the field of nursing and to do our part in helping to meet the nursing needs in our community. Our Nursing Bridge program allows qualifying students to either enter the field of nursing as a licensed practical nurse or to enroll in a higher education bridge program with advanced standing to obtain their RN or BSN just seven months after graduating from high school.”

Dava Dye | Tri County Tech Director of Practical Nursing

In 2023, Tri County Tech received a 1.6 million dollar ARPA grant. This grant will support Tri County Tech’s efforts to graduate additional nurses. These funds will be utilized to remodel the Health Wing and develop and initiate the Nursing Bridge Program. Tri County Tech is grateful for the grant and is dedicated to utilizing these funds effectively to address the nursing shortage and provide education to aspiring nurses.

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