Energy & Power

Program Overview

Energy & Power plays a huge role in our local economy! In this NEW program, you’ll use hands-on projects as you learn power generation, distribution, use of energy, and how to move energy innovation forward.

Five types of energy will be explored — mechanical, heat, chemical, electromagnetic, and nuclear power. You will learn how to design and construct motors, pumps, heat exchangers, hydraulics, and pipeline systems. You will also work with renewable and non-renewable energy generation, transformers, and the electrical grid to understand how energy travels along power lines. Couldn’t get more hands-on than that!

“I like the environment here. It feels like actual work experience.” – Drew C., 2019

Program Courses

Energy & Power Foundations
Energy Transmission & Distribution

High School Credit

8 Elective Credits for Full Program

Career Opportunities

Power Plant Technician
Power Plant Electrician
Maintenance Technician
Engineering Technician
Electronics Technician

Career Data

Our Placement Rate -
Median Hourly Earnings* -
Entry Level Education Some college & no degree

*Information provided by the 2018-2019 Critical Occupations Data.

Student Organizations


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