High School Frequently Asked Questions

What days are the classes?

Classes are held Monday – Friday. You can check out our annual school calendar on our student services webpage.

Do you provide a bus?

Yes! You can check out our bus schedule here. However, licensed students are welcomed to drive themselves.

Can students still participate in sports at their high school?

Absolutely! We’ll work with your school counselor and try to accommodate your extra-curricular activities such as sports, band, etc.

Are the classes virtual?

We pride ourselves on our hands-on learning opportunities! We transition to virtual learning only when absolutely necessary.

Do TCT classes get transcripted at the high school?

Yes! The credits you receive are dependent on your program. You can check to see what credits are given on the program pages.

What if I apply then can’t attend?

That is OK! Please let us know as soon as possible if you have decided to not attend. You can reach out to us here or email Enrichinglives@TriCountyTech.edu.

How will I know if I’m accepted or not?

You will receive an admittance letter by email and your guardian’s email too! We use the email addresses you provided in the application.

What is the timeline for application, acceptance, enrollment, starting?

The online application opens up in February. Since many of our students will apply before Spring Break, we begin scoring the applications after Spring Break and will send out admittance notices in April. There will be a few digital forms to fill out attached to the acceptance email if a student is accepted. Once they have filled out those forms, students can look forward to joining us on campus in August!

For more information, check out our Student Resources page here.

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